About OZ Cannabis

About OZ Cannabis

Clean, simple, straightforward. At OZ, we’re all about delivering the highest-quality cannabis for the most affordable price. We firmly believe that access to premium flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates should be a universal right, not a luxury. Our ever-evolving list of cultivars, combined with our innovative approaches to cultivation and production, ensures that we're always at the forefront of the cannabis industry. With a dedicated team that works tirelessly, often until the lights turn off, our commitment is unwavering – we won’t stop until our product is in your hands.

As boutique, multi-state cultivators and operators, we possess deep insights into the nuances of cannabis cultivation and market dynamics. Michigan born and Arizona raised, we are now making a significant impact in the Arizona market. Our products are swiftly becoming a staple across the Grand Canyon State, known for their consistency and potency. Yet, no matter how expansive our growth, our heart remains with our roots – a collective of passionate cultivators focused on delivering unbeatable value at all times.



Premium cannabis cultivation results in the highest quality products available on the market.



Cultivated cannabis is precisely harvested using cutting-edge tools to maintain quality.


Premium Products

OZ Cannabis products stand out from the rest thanks to our diligent team.

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