Blueberry Pancake

Redefining convenience, performance, and flavor in one compact package. Cutting-edge technology and thoughtful innovation in an “All-in-One” package. Our hardware stands apart from the rest due to its unmatched performance.

Denomination: Relaxing
THC: Averaging 88%+
Effects: Deep Soothing & Relaxing
Flavor and Aroma
Flavor & Aroma: Blueberry Pancakes & Syrup
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Note, while important, THC percentage rarely tells the entire story. We stress the importance of holistically looking at the entire flower and smoking experience. Taste, smell, and terpenes all play a huge role in how ‘high’ you get. While a high THC percentage might seem alluring at first, some of the heaviest hitters are found in the low twenties, and teens. Genetics, terpene proportions, and how your flower was grown are oftentimes larger indicators of the potency of your flower than THC percentage is. OZ is committed to bringing you the best of the best, all-around quality genetics that hit all the boxes, not just THC.

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